Friday, November 18, 2011

mouh fung seun?! :(-------JUST KIDDING

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OK I just got your letters and read them. I already wrote this letter but I'm revising it a bit haha that's great Garrett is out on the mish! It's true, he will start falling in love with the work. It's just what happens; it becomes a part of who you are. So we just found out that we are moving apts into this cleaner but much smaller apt that is a lot further away from the Kwun Tong chapel and MTR station etc. but it's cheaper and we are all about saving money! It's funny because we have to move this next week and then the week after is moves so I'll just be living out of my suitcase since I will for sure move somewhere else other than Sis. Chinison's room. Another sister will be going home so she'll live out of her suitcase too! Party! Not sure where I'll be heading, but all the sisters here are amazing so I know wherever I go I'll be in good hands. So one thing I keep forgetting to tell you about is that people here speak Cantonese right? Well the cool thing to do when speaking Cantonese is to throw in random English words as you speak. It gets SO frustrating cause you are training your brain to listen to Cantonese and then all of the sudden this word is thrown in the mix and you swear you know it and it sounds so familiar and then you realize it's English and then you miss the whole next chunk of what they said! It's so funny haha and there are some words that they just don't use Chinese the word random haha but you have to say it with a Chinese accent. It’s pretty awesome.

Sis Chinison and I were so blessed and were able to teach a lot of lessons this week! We are still helping A-Choi and her sisters, helping build their testimonies and faith so that when their Dad permits, they will come to church and A-Choi will be baptized! As for now, we just pray and wait for his consent. We have been visiting families a lot and last night we visited a part member family, Lam Gatihng. The two younger daughters are baptized (Their uncle is in our ward and they go together to church) but the parents aren't. They have work on Sundays and usually can't make it. But when we visited them there was just a special spirit in their home. Heidi, the oldest daughter is the happiest person that you'll ever meet. She turns 12 next week and she's ALWAYS smiling and just so tender. I know that she's set such a good example for her family. We four missionaries (S. Chinison, Me, E. Lau, E. Herrick) talked to them about how the gospel blesses families and the spirit was just so strong! You can tell that the girls want them to have an eternal family! We challenged them to start saying family prayers everyday together and we'll continue to visit them. I just know how much this gospel sincerely and TRULY blesses families!! We also had a mission conference yesterday. They came out with a new curriculum for missionaries based on these 8 fundamental principles: (1) Doctrine of Christ (2) Revelation through the Holy Ghost (3) Revelation through prayer (4) revelation through Church attendance (5) revelation through the Book of Mormon (6) Teach People Not Lessons (7) We Invite, they commit, we follow Up (8) How to Begin Teaching. The zone leaders gave sharings about each principle and we did sih faahns (demonstrations) and discussed the principles and how we can use them to be more effective missionaries. It was AMAZING! I know that Pres. Chan and the Elders received revelation for each of us to be better missionaries. I realized that there is so much I need to change. So much more I need to sacrifice and so much more I can give. It really changed my perspective and strengthened my testimony more than I can ever describe. The AP's talked about how we are doing well but it's time to tighten the screws a bit and to really sacrifice everything, give ourselves completely to this work. I know that there is more I can sacrifice and more I can give. The China Hong Kong mission is AMAZING! The work is moving forward and we as missionaries are able to come together and compile ideas and skills that we each can develop to really become TRUE instruments in the Lords hands. Oh man, so good!! Well I love you all and I'm so grateful that you have taught me so much.

One more thing I want to share. Something really hit me while listening to the conference. Pres was talking about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and it got me thinking about how blessed I am in my life. But sometimes I don't realize that certain blessings come because of obedience. Sometimes you think that keeping the Sabbath day holy will give you blessings that have to do with going to church, or keeping the law of tithe will bless you with things having to do with money. But I realized that maybe if I'm keeping the Sabbath day holy or keeping my baptismal commitments, etc, Heavenly Father will bless me with other things like a good friend or better health. I'm just using these things as an example and it might not make sense to you but I just know that as we are obedient to all commandments, we are also given so many different blessings! We just have to recognize them. Ok I love you!! ga yauh! Good luck with the Christmas decorations and have a good thanksgiving! We have a combined dinner next week with the whole mission and the fu fuh's will make the food for us! yesss!

Kahm Ji Muih

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