Friday, November 18, 2011

mouh fung seun?! :(-------JUST KIDDING

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OK I just got your letters and read them. I already wrote this letter but I'm revising it a bit haha that's great Garrett is out on the mish! It's true, he will start falling in love with the work. It's just what happens; it becomes a part of who you are. So we just found out that we are moving apts into this cleaner but much smaller apt that is a lot further away from the Kwun Tong chapel and MTR station etc. but it's cheaper and we are all about saving money! It's funny because we have to move this next week and then the week after is moves so I'll just be living out of my suitcase since I will for sure move somewhere else other than Sis. Chinison's room. Another sister will be going home so she'll live out of her suitcase too! Party! Not sure where I'll be heading, but all the sisters here are amazing so I know wherever I go I'll be in good hands. So one thing I keep forgetting to tell you about is that people here speak Cantonese right? Well the cool thing to do when speaking Cantonese is to throw in random English words as you speak. It gets SO frustrating cause you are training your brain to listen to Cantonese and then all of the sudden this word is thrown in the mix and you swear you know it and it sounds so familiar and then you realize it's English and then you miss the whole next chunk of what they said! It's so funny haha and there are some words that they just don't use Chinese the word random haha but you have to say it with a Chinese accent. It’s pretty awesome.

Sis Chinison and I were so blessed and were able to teach a lot of lessons this week! We are still helping A-Choi and her sisters, helping build their testimonies and faith so that when their Dad permits, they will come to church and A-Choi will be baptized! As for now, we just pray and wait for his consent. We have been visiting families a lot and last night we visited a part member family, Lam Gatihng. The two younger daughters are baptized (Their uncle is in our ward and they go together to church) but the parents aren't. They have work on Sundays and usually can't make it. But when we visited them there was just a special spirit in their home. Heidi, the oldest daughter is the happiest person that you'll ever meet. She turns 12 next week and she's ALWAYS smiling and just so tender. I know that she's set such a good example for her family. We four missionaries (S. Chinison, Me, E. Lau, E. Herrick) talked to them about how the gospel blesses families and the spirit was just so strong! You can tell that the girls want them to have an eternal family! We challenged them to start saying family prayers everyday together and we'll continue to visit them. I just know how much this gospel sincerely and TRULY blesses families!! We also had a mission conference yesterday. They came out with a new curriculum for missionaries based on these 8 fundamental principles: (1) Doctrine of Christ (2) Revelation through the Holy Ghost (3) Revelation through prayer (4) revelation through Church attendance (5) revelation through the Book of Mormon (6) Teach People Not Lessons (7) We Invite, they commit, we follow Up (8) How to Begin Teaching. The zone leaders gave sharings about each principle and we did sih faahns (demonstrations) and discussed the principles and how we can use them to be more effective missionaries. It was AMAZING! I know that Pres. Chan and the Elders received revelation for each of us to be better missionaries. I realized that there is so much I need to change. So much more I need to sacrifice and so much more I can give. It really changed my perspective and strengthened my testimony more than I can ever describe. The AP's talked about how we are doing well but it's time to tighten the screws a bit and to really sacrifice everything, give ourselves completely to this work. I know that there is more I can sacrifice and more I can give. The China Hong Kong mission is AMAZING! The work is moving forward and we as missionaries are able to come together and compile ideas and skills that we each can develop to really become TRUE instruments in the Lords hands. Oh man, so good!! Well I love you all and I'm so grateful that you have taught me so much.

One more thing I want to share. Something really hit me while listening to the conference. Pres was talking about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and it got me thinking about how blessed I am in my life. But sometimes I don't realize that certain blessings come because of obedience. Sometimes you think that keeping the Sabbath day holy will give you blessings that have to do with going to church, or keeping the law of tithe will bless you with things having to do with money. But I realized that maybe if I'm keeping the Sabbath day holy or keeping my baptismal commitments, etc, Heavenly Father will bless me with other things like a good friend or better health. I'm just using these things as an example and it might not make sense to you but I just know that as we are obedient to all commandments, we are also given so many different blessings! We just have to recognize them. Ok I love you!! ga yauh! Good luck with the Christmas decorations and have a good thanksgiving! We have a combined dinner next week with the whole mission and the fu fuh's will make the food for us! yesss!

Kahm Ji Muih

feih jo

Thursday, November 10, 2011,

So I've officially accumulated fat on my body other than my fingers! haha It's ok though cause I'm a sister missionary and everyone knows that sister missionaries gain weight! haha So I did the whole ankle checking thing with my nail and it definitely keeps a nail mark for a while. I've got problems but just don't have the time or the resources to figure them out haha as for now I'll just keep trying to eat fruit and veggies. However, I made the Mexican food that you gave me and HOLY COW best thing EVER! I still have some saved in the fridge and eating it sparingly. I'll proudly state that Chinese food is rubbing off on me. I honestly think I could eat any kind of meat or weird tasting drink now. I've tried so many weird things and haven't thrown up yet. I knew the Lord would bless me!! Who knows if it will last til after the mission though? It may just be one of those temporary strengths given to me hahaha. Wow, there has been some crazy news! Kaitlin Horne is married! So many people engaged! Scott and Collett?! No way haha and I’m still shocked that Kait is getting married! aghhh! haha Her fiance's great uncle is the office Elder here in Hong Kong. So Elder and Sister Kelser do all the Mission Office work. I had a feeling they were related to Dan Kelser (Kait’s fiancĂ©) and turns out he's Dan's dad's uncle. haha SMALL world! He said he found out over facebook that Dan is engaged. I was freaking out telling him that I haven't seen a picture of this Dan man and that he better be cool. Elder Kelser reassured that they are a good family which brought some peace to me hahaha also, remember Kaori Hansen, she is Ellie Hansen's sister, was Chelsea Heiner’s roommate and one of my friends from school? Half Japanese? Anyway, she married a guy Sam Wright who was in our ward at King Henry and his brother just got here! So crazy haha

So the week has been good. We have had a lot of stressful times but have noticed the miracles that the Lord has blessed us with. A-Choi's dad is really angry with the girls and won't let them come to church right now. But we are still able to see her and help her testimony continue to grow! We know that they are given this trial to strengthen and test their faith. We had an investigator that we couldn't get a hold of for about a month randomly call us and wanted to meet with us. We also had a former investigator randomly call us yesterday, Wendy. I think I mentioned her a ways back. She didn't want to see us b/c she was so busy and didn't want religion on top of all her stress. But she's friends with Pres. Chan and she's been going through A LOT lately. He told her that the only way to find peace and happiness is through the gospel. She called us yesterday and we saw her last night. I only got half of what is going on but my comp let me know more about her problems. They are pretty severe and she needs A LOT of help. It's scary but I know that as she gains a testimony of the Savior, she will also realize that it's only through this gospel that she can find that pure happiness.

I'm trying my best to love the people and the culture and as time goes on I can really feel my heart opening up. It's quite different but we Americans are quite different too haha. The people here have so many strengths that I lack and they teach me so much! I feel like I'm starting to be myself little by little (just b/c when you don't know how to speak to people, it's hard for them to understand your personality haha). We had exchanges this week and my comp was a bundeih who speaks pretty much no English haha it was SO good though. I felt bad because she's super energetic and hilarious but it she can't joke around with me like she can with fluent speakers haha but we talked a lot about her conversion story and our lives and why we chose to serve a mission and it was really good. I was able to understand most of what she said which gave me a little more confidence that I'm improving haha the biggest problem was trying to speak back but I’m just learning to throw things out there, even if it's telling people that I'm 11 years old (yeah--accidentally did that when we visited a family. haha hou chaam.) It lightens the mood and I'm able to make weird faces and whatnot. I still have so much to learn and so far to go but I'm learning to be VERY VERY patient haha. We have been sharing a lot of videos about the Atonement to investigators and every time I feel my appreciation and understanding of the atonement grow. As I read the scriptures I feel my mind is opening to new ideas and interpretations and now I'm just trying to APPLY all that I learn. I just need to remember to take one step at a time. We can't just expect to change everything all at once. I love you all so much and love getting your letters. They are such a support to me and really push me to work harder. I know that the Atonement is REAL! More real than we can comprehend! I’m trying my best to learn how to really apply it in my life and I hope that I can learn how to build other's faith and help them learn how to apply it as well. Thanks again for all that you do! Keep being the amazing examples that you are, Mom, let me know how your health is doing and if it's improving. I LOVE YOU! Ga yauh!

Kahm Ji Muih

PS So the stamp...well the carving is a little weird so one of the characters isn't really an 8 but it kinda looks like that. I'll write it down so you can see. But my name is Kahm Lohk Yih (Piano--Happy--Right). Piano isn't a common name, just used because it is close to Kiene? I don't know, everyone else has real Chinese family names but me and maybe like 2 other people hahaha anyway, I agree, the first scoop of peanut butter is the BEST! Don't be too excited about my's honestly still awful haha I speak so choppy and slow and yeah.... it's rough right now but it will improve slowly. :)


Thursday, November 3, 2011, 12:35 AM

What a week!! My mission is insane. I wish I could remember all the weird things that happen but my brain can only handle so much right now haha first of all, Sis Chinison and I taught a crazy woman in the mall food court! That was exciting. We also taught a former investigator in McDonald's and in her closing prayer she asked that we would leave her alone because she's fine with her other church right now...hahaha gotta just laugh about the crazy things that happen here. (Oh and her son Frederick made these breaded balls with junks of squid inside covered in seaweed and mayo---WORST thing I've eaten here. I would take chicken feet over that stuff.) We've been doing a lot of finding as of lately because most of our investigators are students and the only time they're free is after school or weekends. We've also done more visiting families and sharing messages to pump them up for missionary work! We know that we may not see the results as quickly as we hope but I know that the members understand they have an important role in this work and they are going to try harder to be involved. A-Choi is progressing so much and has a date for Nov. 13! This is the family that has two sisters that are members and the other two sisters have dates. But the problem is she has a lot of family issues. Apparently their dad never knew that two of them were baptized and that they have been attending church etc. He doesn't like things that are ngoigwok (foreign) and if he knew about it he would be really upset. Their mom was the one that gave them permission in the beginning. Anyway, it's a really confusing story but they are going to talk to him this week about everything and so we've been fasting and praying that everything goes smoothly. I have no doubt in my mind that God can make anything happen if it's according to HIS timing and HIS will. My comp and I felt a lot of peace knowing that he can soften anyone's heart and that he is looking out for those sisters. I hope that A-Choi can be baptized! She is keeping all commitments and wants to follow the example of Christ. I trust that everything will work out how it's supposed to and that our prayers will be heard and will be answered. Maybe not when we want them to or think they should be answered, but they come.

We are continuing to press forward in the work and are really excited for this move. I don't know why but this last week I've just felt so much better. No, it's not because they language is coming quite yet, but I just feel my prayers being answered. I literally feel my Savior's love and I want other to feel that so badly! I am just pumped about this work and so grateful for the challenges because they push me to be harder. I'm learning to find TRUE Joy in the Journey. FAITH is everything---without faith I would be completely lost. I'm so grateful for everything that I have and that I can share it with so many that are searching for the truth! Ga yauh! Ngoh HOU ngoi leihdeih! Hope ya'll had a fabulous Halloween! They don't really celebrate it here but I wore a black skirt, green shirt, and purple cardigan and said that I was dressed as a witch ;) hahaha goood stuff! Mom!! I'm SOOO happy they found that booger! I am beyond excited and happy and hope that you can feel your body gaining its strength back. What a miracle!!! You are loved :)

Oh and I'm leaving Tseung Kwan O next move. Because my companion will be training here! So I'm not sure where I'll go or with whom but it will be an adventure!

PS I don't know if Kait has shouted this out but holy cow she's getting married! So soon! I knew it would happen. Tell her that I'll write her back soon and yes I had a freak out moment in the Indonesian email place that we're in right now but I’m excited for her and trust that this Dan guy that's replacing me is a good guy. Obviously not as good looking as me but it's all good! Could you just tell her I love her and congrats! I want pics asap.

chicken foot!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
From: Sister Rachel Kiene

Yep, sure did! I ate a chicken foot this last week. We had yam chah (dim sum) and the Elders dared me to. You know me...I had to take advantage of this opportunity! I actually have a video of it. The nail was on it and everything. It was not tasty...just rubbery to be honest. Anyway, Dad you would be so proud because we eat out at members’ homes a lot trying to encourage them to do missionary work and I have eaten so much fish and shrimp. And mom, the medicine you sent me doesn't even taste bad to me haha I have drunk so much worse! It's kind of funny how that happens. I can't even explain what weird stuff I've eaten or drunk out here. It's all part of the growing experience right?! Well I think it's so amazing that you are in Asia right now with Krystal. Asia is quite different, and I'm sure Hong Kong is a lot different than Korea too, but it's all the same when you are trying to bring people closer to Christ. You may have to do things a bit differently, but it's all the same outcome. I don't know if I remember Sis. Nelson, I would have to see a pic but I think it's so funny that she also feared to go to Asia. I guess the Lord asks us to do hard things sometimes and it's hard when you are struggling in the moment, but I have experienced that it only makes me love Christ and his atonement more. That's who I have to rely on. He's my very best friend and I'm so grateful for all that he has done. So an Elder talked to me about how to better plan each day out here. It makes all the difference in the world knowing what you personal need to do to accomplish your personal goals. It gives you more drive and direction and helps you feel like you are progressing when, at the end of the day, you can tell Heavenly Father that with his help you were able to accomplish it! These little goals are helping me develop a precious relationship with my Heavenly Father. I talk to him a lot differently than before. I feel like I talk to him constantly and feel him around me often, even if it's when I'm feeling down at times. One quick story before I get kicked off! We planned to go finding on Saturday but I wanted to do something more creative. While in personal study I thought that we should just do a find in the MTR station in our area and would talk about families! I got super pumped, and then we headed out to find. We had hardly any success but I was determined to find someone! Finally as we were headed back to our church area I got on the train and walked up to a girl. We started talking and she was sooo sweet! Her name is Elaine. I showed her pics of our fam and she thought the jumping pic was awesome! haha she was super interested in me as a missionary and I started pulling out a pamphlet and as I pulled it out at the same time she asked if I had any info like a brochure about our church! That doesn't happen often here! Anyway, we were able to exchange numbers. She's busy, like just about everyone here, but I got that number that I knew I could find! It was so rewarding to have someone listen to me. Anyway, I know that the power of planning is real! I know that even planning where to find, how to find, and when is so important. I am so grateful for these tender mercies of the Lord! I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for your love and support. Mom thanks for the package. It made my day! I hope you enjoy Asia and have a fun Halloween. let me know how the "bring your friend to church day" goes at home in the ward.



Wednesday, October 12, 2011
From Rachel Kiene:

So one of the biggest highlights of the week was GENERAL CONFERENCE! I know this is super late news, but it's new to me. I could feel the love of all of you so much! Especially the sessions that Mom and Dad were at! The spirit just filled my heart. And Let me just tell you, conference as a missionary is like 70 bajillion times cooler than being...not a missionary (full-time that is haha). I can't even begin to describe the feelings I had while watching. I've never been so focused and never received so much guidance! The Lord is looking out for so many of us! We had investigators come and although it was a lot for them to take in, they were still able to see the prophet of God which is so special and so important! I loved so many talks and I wish I could write about all of them and express my feelings but I'll just share one which happened to be the first talk given by Richard G. Scott. He talked about the power of scriptures, memorizing scriptures, and also studying ALL the standard works. It's so true, we must take advantage of ALL the scripture we are given, both modern and old. I have been trying to study from the bible a little more and after I heard the talk I started reading from Matthew again. And the cool thing was that I was able to receive an answer to a prayer/question that I had prior to conference. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but he ALWAYS answers us!! I just feel that questions or thoughts or wonders that I have, I open my scriptures and then BAM, the answer is there. The scriptures help us build faith in Jesus Christ, they help us become better disciples, missionaries, teachers, family members, and friends. Continue to really study them and you will feel so much peace, receive so much guidance, and be filled with so much joy.

We've experienced so many miracles! An investigator GaGa, who we thought we'd never see after a "boring" (that's what she told us at least) experience at church, scheduled us again, went to conference, and we are seeing her AGAIN this Friday! So cool! Also, two girls Cherry and Christy (12 yrs old) who we've also been trying to see randomly showed up to our game night since their gym class was canceled for some random reason. WE were able to teach a lesson and then play some sports with them. They have helped me with my Chinese and I’ve help them with English. haha they are crazy but I love them!

Oh man, Hong Kong is just so awesome. One thing that I think is hilarious is that during relief society, instead of giving women a cute notebook and pen or a bag of candy or whatever for their birthday, they give a bottle of soy sauce :) haha. Well, it's been pretty rainy the last week, which is not on the Hong Kong people's favor, but I feel it's pretty refreshing. And we're still getting the work done! Rain or shine! They think we're crazy sometimes because we are out finding/contacting or still holding English class when it's pouring, but the Lord's work doesn't ever stop! Just like so many general authorities talked about in conference, we must be bold, we must tell people about Jesus Christ and what he can do for them! So many people need it! But we also need to be aware of the Lord's timing. It can be discouraging, but as we are patient, we will be blessed and we will have the capability to bless others too. Just like our Savior said, "not my will, but thane be done." Being patient isn't easy, but I fully trust that as we continue to exercise our faith and work, we can accomplish the will of God.

One last thing, we are doing a mini MTC this Saturday for two wards in the area and it should be really cool. We are trying to motivate the members to help us do missionary work. I know I've stressed this before, but MEMBERS or so important in missionary work! Missionaries can't do this alone! We need your help! I know you are all trying but just keep your eyes open for those opportunities to introduce people to the gospel. It can be old or new friends. That's the best way you can support the missionaries! I love you all and I'm so blessed to have you all in my life! Keep adding oil! Ga yauh!

Sis Kiene

PS Ashlyn is engaged?! and Is Lisa engaged too? Lisa's man and Ashlyn's man were companions?? Or Kelsey Bingham and Ashlyn’s? I was so confused! haha and Lex hatch is engaged? and Kaitlin Horne? and Tara’s having a boy?! haha all NEW news! but good stuff! I can't believe everyone is getting married. so nuts haha I haven't gotten the package yet cause I haven't been to the office but hopefully soon. thanks mom! love you!

Friday, October 7, 2011

thank you thank you do je mh goi sai!

I am sorry that I can't put a caption under each picture, but for some reason it is blocked. So the Kwun Tong District had summer missionaries. Kahn Ji Muih and Hoh Ji Muih (Maggie Ho) were companions and loved working together. Then THE STAIRS OF DEATH that lead to the Kwun Tong Chapel on top. And also Hong Kong Temple with Sister Kiene and Sister Kiene.

Thursday, October 6, 2011 12:00 AM

Thanks for the updates and letters and love and experiences and advice! Mom, I hope your knee gets better soon! That's funny you mentioned Kelsey Bingham cause I was just thinking about her the other day and wondering how she was doing! Oh man, everyone is just growin' up. so weird! haha sounds like you all had an amazing time at conference. I am SOOO excited to watch it on Sat and Sun! Seriously, it's like Christmas or something! When you are on your mission, General Conference is THAT much better! I think it's because it's something dear to my heart and it just gives me a feeling of peace and comfort. We have investigators planning on going too and I can't wait to hear what they think about everything our prophet, apostles, and church leaders have been guided and prompted to say. So those stories about Aurora and Ty are just classic! Those two crack me up! hahaha and I'm so glad to hear the good news about Jason's interview! Good luck!! I know that hard work and living in obedience with faith we can experience great miracles! I'm proud of him and Marilyn and their faith.

It's been a good week, we have been teaching a girl A-Choi (16) and her sisters are both members. I think I mentioned her before...anyway; her little sister who is 9 is also starting to take the lessons! They are really sweet and really good. I hope they keep progressing! they are coming to conference and they have been going to church and ward activities. yesterday, since it was a holiday, our ward had a BBQ in Tai Po. Haha, except BBQ's here are a lot different than at home. Everyone brings bags full of fish balls, chicken wings, random meats, and corn on the cob, bread, and then they all start cooking it all and then feeding it to everyone. haha good stuff! Oh so funny story...yeah since I still can hardly speak Cantonese, things like this happen all the time. So I was on the phone calling people from the potential investigator list and started talking to this kid named Zoe. I was telling him about us missionaries and about our church and then I was trying to tell him that this gospel could really bless his life but I accidently started saying this gospel could really bless his body hahaha I guess it technically could bless his body too but that's not what I meant. I quickly and embarrassingly corrected myself and hopefully my accent was thick enough that he didn't catch my mistake hehehe

Well I appreciate everything that you all have done for me and for your uplifting and encouraging words. We are all trying to work hard out here but we definitely need help finding those that are prepared to hear the message of the Restoration. We need the members to recognize their divine role and how important THEY are in this work. But we are pressing forward, praying for more love, more faith, and more patience each day. Applying what we teach to ourselves so that we can be better teachers and disciples of Christ. We had the opportunity to attend a temple session today and it was such a great experience. I learned so many valuable lessons that I hope I can apply better in my life. I also got to do initiatories after in Chinese and English. (Chinese is SOO fast!) It was pretty special. Anyway, this gospel is true and we need to try our best to live by its teachings and we will have true happiness! I LOVE YOU!

Kahm Ji Muih

PS Blue Bell?
Thursday, October 6, 2011 12:02 AM
Is it true that they sell Blue Bell in Utah now??

so much love! and I still don't like fish.

September 29, 2011

Man I got sent so much love this week! I love hearing from all of you and it's really interesting because although I'm a missionary across the entire world, we are all going through similar experiences. I guess that's just how life is. I'm SO happy that Garrett can stay on his mission. What a blessing. Keep me updated on that. I'm also glad to hear about the miracles about conference tickets and Dad's experience at the temple. That's such an amazing experience. Well a slightly sad temple experience for me is that today was my zone's temple day and we had to stay inside our apartment because of a #8 Typhoon! So frustrating! The temple even closes when it's that extreme. We didn't have any running water at first either. But maybe it was a blessing in disguise because I've been pretty sick the last little bit and maybe my body needed a break from walking so much. Not quite sure but hopefully we'll be able to go to the temple again soon! I'm sorry to hear that Mike had a rough week. I understand the feeling. I've learned out here to really seek and recognize those small things the Lord blesses us with, those tender mercies, those miracles. THOSE are what help us know we are on the right track and that we are doing what we need to be doing. One miracle we had this week: We are teaching these young girls who didn't make their baptismal date because they just weren't ready. Sybi is 12 and we were having a hard time keeping her interested and focused in the lesson. And as missionaries we felt that we were teaching lessons versus people. So we decided to read from the children Book of Mormon and act out Nephi retrieving the brass plates. They LOVED it! We discussed afterwards what we can learn and apply from it and Sybi talked about how it's important that we have faith in the Lord and he will help us. Then she said in her prayer that she was so grateful for the wonderful lesson and it was just so good. We did 24's on Monday and my comp was Sis Kelly (one of my comps in the MTC)! They let a toddler and baby run loose in Hong Kong! haha It wasn't too bad though. We had meetings and studies to do but I had to be in charge at correlation meeting and tell about all our investigators and it was pretty funny just because I wasn't sure how to say half the things. We tried contacting people while we traveled and no success but one lady did talk to us for a few minutes! That's better than nothing! We also had a crazy man come up to us on the MTR and he kept speaking Chenglish and said I looked like some celebrity and was trying to take pics of us on his phone. hahaha We just kept saying that we didn't want a picture and I was trying to hide from him! haha It sounds like we are the crazy ones but it was creepy and we were trying to be safe! Well I must say that I am so excited for General Conference. I have to wait a week after to watch but I'm just grateful I get to watch the whole thing! The brethren always have such amazing counsel to give us and I'm so grateful that we get to hear from them so soon! Well we are all working hard here in Hong Kong. It's not easy, but it's not really supposed to be. I do love this work and I am trying my best to understand and speak more. It's still very difficult and I fail quite often but I just have to pick myself up again and try again. There is so much I want to do help and it's not quite there because of the language barrier, but I know with Faith we can do anything! We are here to help people really develop a relationship with their Savior. There is just so much joy that comes from it and I wish that I could just hand it to everyone. But it doesn't work like that. There are special people that are prepared though and it's important that we always remain worthy so that we can be guided by the spirit to find them! And this is for EVERYONE! It doesn't say in the scriptures that only people wearing a skirt, wearing a white shirt and black slacks, wearing a black name tag declare repentance and do God's work...every member of the church should be actively seeking these opportunities! That's something that didn't hit me as much before the mission. Member work is VITAL! I hope you all pray for your own experiences and the Lord will bless you! I love you all! Thank you for your examples, your prayers, and your faith in me.

Kahm Ji Muih

Ngoh ngoi leihdeih!

forgot to put in letter!
Thursday, September 29, 2011 3:10 AM

forgot to mention that for one of the cheng out's we had FISH SOUP with octopus balls and all sorts of goods. yeah, I still don't like fish. I actually like Dad's salmon better! I miss fish sticks and tartar sauce! hahaha ok that is all :)